Waste & Recycling

Do you recycle? Are you unsure of what can be recycled and what shouldn’t? Ontario County Recycles has developed a comprehensive list to help guide your recycling efforts at home. In 2018 Ontario County residents kept 26,223 tons of recyclable and compostable material out of the landfill. Let’s keep it up!

What goes in the recycling bin?

These clean & empty materials should be recycled:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Boxboard & paper cartons
  • Office paper, envelopes & newspapers
  • Aluminum, tin & foil
  • Plastic bottles, jugs, tubs & lids
  • Glass food & beverage jars

Help Ontario County Recycle Right by always keeping these items out of your recycle bin

Electronics Don’t Belong

WHY NOT: They get broken during sorting. Batteries and chemicals are unsafe for our workers.

INSTEAD: Look up your local electronic waste recycler or retail take-back programs.

Batteries Don’t Belong

WHY NOT: They can cause fires, endanger workers and harm the environment.

INSTEAD: Find your best disposal option at earth911.com.

Scrap Metal Items Don’t Belong

WHY NOT: They damage the sorting equipment.

INSTEAD:  Look up your local scrap metal recycler.

Bagged Recyclables Don’t Belong

WHY NOT: They look too much like trash at the recycling plant.

INSTEAD:  Keep it loose! Don’t bag up your recyclables.

Small Items Don’t Belong

WHY NOT: Anything under 2″ x 2″ will fall through the sorting equipment.

INSTEAD:  Bring your own reusable cutlery and straws! Place the disposable ones and other small items in the trash.

Food Waste/Liquids Don’t Belong

WHY NOT: They reduce the recyclability of other items.

INSTEAD:  Look up local food waste programs or place in your trash.

Clothes/Textiles Don’t Belong

WHY NOT: They wrap around the sorting equipment.

INSTEAD:  Donate them through a local clothing drive, drop box or reuse store.

Plastic Bags Don’t Belong

WHY NOT: They wrap around the sorting equipment.

INSTEAD:  Recycle your bags at a participating grocery or retail store.

Tanglers Don’t Belong

WHY NOT: They wrap around the sorting equipment.

INSTEAD:  Place your unwanted cords, ropes, hoses and other “tanglers” in the trash.

These items are not bin-friendly:

  • Plastic bags, plastic film, or biodegradable plastic
  • Styrofoam, wax coated paper products, paper towels or tissues
  • Window glass, light bulbs, Pyrex, drinking water glasses or ceramics
  • Car parts, batteries, appliance parts or other scrap metals

Looking for more information?

Visit the Ontario County Recycles website for a comprehensive list of what to do with specific items.

If you’re looking for more answers about recycling? Call Ontario County Recycles at (585) 393-3090.