Judy Voss

585 374-6341 Ext. 4

Term Ends: 12/31/27



9AM – 4:30PM


(Deputy Town Clerk)


Town Clerk is also responsible for:

  • Notary Public: The Town Clerk offers a notary service at no charge.  A notary witnesses and authenticates documents and performs certain other acts of verifying papers.   (Please remember: the  notary  MUST witness the signing of the document).
  • Public Relations Officer:  The Clerk’s Office is considered the center of local government, an information source and gateway for the community to the offices of the Town and other government agencies and services.
  • Recording Secretary:  Authors minute books, the only official record of the activities of Town government.  The resulting volumes are retained permanently for legal and historic purposes. All Town minutes are located under the Important Documents and Notices of this website.
  • Records Management Officer:  Custodian of all Town records, responsible for active files, storage and disposition of inactive records, and the careful maintenance of archival material.
  • Administrator of the Freedom of Information Law:  This Law guarantees your right to know the workings of the government.
  • Filing Officer:  Maintains records of adopted Town Ordinances and Local Laws, Town Oaths of Office, resignations, petitions, proof of publications, annual budgets, assessment rolls, fiscal reports, bond/note registers, zoning ordinances and maps.  Maintains public signboard, advertises and receives bids for purchase of Town materials, files burial permits from cemeteries located within the Town.
  • Licensing Officer:  Issues State licenses/permits, including marriage, dog, conservation (hunting and fishing), games of chance, bingo and handicapped parking.  Issues Town licenses/permits mandated by Local Law (i.e. recycling/trash).
  • Cash Control Officer:  Is responsible for numerous duties related to billing, and the collection and disbursement of funds.   All incoming cash is recorded and disbursed to State, County and local fiscal officers.   The Town Clerk also contributes to Town and departmental budget preparation, management of petty cash, general purchasing and assisting with State and internal audits.
  • Registrar of Vital Statistics:  Keeper of all birth, death and marriage records within our community, issuing birth, death and marriage certificates, burial permits, as well as conducting genealogical searches.
  • Secretary to the Town Board:  Involving various secretarial duties as well as correspondence.
  • Tax Collector  In person payments can be made at the South Bristol Town Hall, 6500 W Gannett Hill Rd, Naples, NY 14512 during Tax Collection Season, January 2nd through March 31st.Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
    9:00 am- 4:30 pm January 2nd- March 31st
    Tax Payments cannot be made online or with any bank.

    Make Checks Payable to:  South Bristol Tax Collector
    Mail Payments to : South Bristol Tax Collector
    6500 W Gannett Hill Rd
    Naples, NY 14512

    You are reminded to:  Please write your Tax Bill Number number on your check

  • DOG LICENSING:All dogs in the Town of South Bristol must be licensed by the age of four months old. Fees are $22 for an un-spayed/un-neutered dog and $14 for a spayed/neutered dog. Proof of rabies and spay/neuter certificate must be presented.  Annual renewal can be done by mail or in person. If done by mail, please send a copy of rabies certificate and a check payable to the South Bristol Town Clerk.

    This is a Dog Friendly office and we love to see your 4-legged friends.


  • CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED: Credit cards are accepted at the Town Clerk’s Office in person or over the phone. For all credit card payments, there will be a service fee of $1.75 for amounts less than $64.00

FOUNDER’S CEMETERY – A Town owned cemetery established in 2005 is located on the east side of State Route 64 just south of Bristol Mountain. Plots can be purchased from the Town Clerk’s office. Please call for more information.