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Valary R. Muscarella

Recently Added Notes:


Exemption, Dates-to-Know and Grievance Information link has been updated to include 2020 Star Enhanced income limit and form links.

For anyone receiving a Basic Star exemption on your school tax bill (not the new Star Credit Check program), the 2019 State Budget removed the possibility of up to a 2% increase in savings each year. The savings on your bill this year will be the same as last year. The only way to receive any future increase to your star savings is to switch to the Star Credit Check Program. You must register online and notify me that you are making the switch. This is a permanent switch, you cannot go back to the exemption on your tax bill. For more information visit It is highly recommended that if you escrow your taxes that you speak with your escrow company prior to making the switch to plan for what could potentially be a shortfall [unless you increase your escrow deposit] when taxes are due next year. You can notify me at the email address above with your name and parcel address.