Comprehensive Plan

South Bristol Comprehensive Plan Survey

The South Bristol Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2008 by the South Bristol, NY Town Board. A new Comprehensive Plan is currently being developed by the South Bristol Town Board and a survey has been mailed to its residents for input.  If you did not receive the survey, please print the above link and submit to the town with your comments and concerns.

What it is:

A comprehensive plan is just that, a plan, a vision of the town’s future. It identifies community goals, suggests strategies to be employed, and recommends the actions needed to achieve those goals. It is not cast in stone, never to be changed. It must be reevaluated on a regular basis and adjusted, when necessary, to stay on track.

Vision Statement:

Preserve and protect our safe, clean naturally beautiful rural and scenic environment with carefully and fairly planned commercial, residential, agricultural and recreational development.